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I followed the instructions for filing a claim. But American Auto refused to honor their agreement, and stated that only the truck driver was liable. They basically said they would not pay any claims. American Auto can smash up your car as much as they want. And they will tell you to go find some random truck driver to deal with.

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PMC Transport is a leading supplier of transport and logistics solutions in Montreal, Canada. Serving more than 180 countries, with an international network of partners uss express testimonials and agents, we are a truly global player that offers freight forwarding worldwide. Our experience has proven them to be a dependable and reliable carrier.

A typical day at work includes back to back calls from angry people who will insult you and your family with no consequence. I have learned how to be an emotional punching bag because of this job. The management, while personable, is not reliable and does not value their employees mental well-being. The workplace culture is filled with quality people who have been pushed to their breaking points, burnt out, and then been thrown out with the trash.

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Bags were torn open and contents thrown about. A large ladies navy purse was left opened and a bag of fashion jewelry inside was taken. Also, a blood pressure monitor in a black leather case was taken. A ladies golf top was stepped on and a black footprint was embedded on it.

  • Brad also neglected our request for the where about of one of our containers that have been stolen from Mowrey Auctions of Milford.
  • What special discounts are available through 24/7 Logistic Services?
  • Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid.
  • A large ladies navy purse was left opened and a bag of fashion jewelry inside was taken.
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  • Nortrop is known for high ethical standards, which are reflected in the high quality of service and in contract execution that we deliver.

For sure I was promised the moon and the stars, answering with confidence that it will take a week to 10 days max to deliver each car. They insisted upfront payment by money order, which I did.